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Main Purpose

Casetext is a legal research platform that utilizes AI technology to provide attorneys with efficient and high-quality legal research, document review, and analysis tools.

Key Features

  • CoCounsel: AI legal assistant that completes document review, legal research memos, deposition preparation, and contract analysis in minutes.
  • Advanced AI and machine learning: Utilizes advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to enhance legal research and analysis.
  • Legal publishing: Provides access to a vast library of legal cases, statutes, regulations, and secondary sources.
  • Legal networking: Connects legal professionals and facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Legal knowledge: Offers comprehensive legal knowledge resources and tools to support attorneys in their practice.

Use Case

  • Attorneys and legal professionals looking for an efficient and reliable legal research platform.
  • Law firms and corporate legal departments seeking to enhance the quality and efficiency of their legal services.
  • Legal professionals who want to stay updated with the latest legal developments and access a wide range of legal resources.
Pricing Model:

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