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Main Purpose

The main purpose of ServiceNow Research is to advance the state-of-the-art in Enterprise AI and drive innovation in various AI-related fields.

Key Features

  • Low Data Learning: ServiceNow Research focuses on Machine Learning methods that enable efficient adaptation to varied and changing datasets.
  • Human Decision Support: ServiceNow Research aims to assist decision-makers by directing requests to the right decision-makers, presenting relevant information, and suggesting possible courses of action.
  • Human-Machine Interaction Through Language: ServiceNow Research advances AI technology to enable natural conversational human-computer interactions and AI-assisted programming.
  • AI Trust and Governance Lab: ServiceNow Research guides ServiceNow and its customers in AI strategy and deployment through governance frameworks and applied research in trustworthiness.

Use Case

  • Organizations Seeking AI Innovation: ServiceNow Research is valuable for organizations looking to leverage AI technologies and advancements to improve their operations, decision-making processes, and user experiences.
  • Decision-Makers: ServiceNow Research's Human Decision Support feature is beneficial for decision-makers who require assistance in directing requests, accessing relevant information, and making informed decisions.
  • Developers and Programmers: ServiceNow Research's focus on Human-Machine Interaction Through Language is useful for developers and programmers interested in creating natural conversational interfaces and AI-assisted programming tools.
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