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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the website is to provide AI-powered static code analysis and security fixes to ensure secure software development.

Key Features

  • AI Static Analysis: Utilizes AI technology to analyze code and identify potential security vulnerabilities.
  • DeepCode AI Fix: Provides security fixes for code issues directly in the developer's IDE, allowing for faster and more secure software development.
  • DeepCode AI Search: Harnesses the power of AI to search code for semantic patterns, enabling security and development teams to find vulnerabilities more effectively.
  • Insights: A platform capability that visualizes the complete lifecycle of an application, from code to cloud, and prioritizes issues based on risk factors.
  • Developer-first SBOM management: Offers expanded capabilities for managing software bill of materials (SBOMs), including export capabilities and an open-source project for enriching SBOMs.
  • Snyk Learn: A free developer security education platform with training courses and workshops to improve secure coding skills.

Use Case

  • Developers and security teams looking to ensure secure software development.
  • Organizations seeking to prioritize and fix vulnerabilities in their codebase.
  • AppSec teams in need of a comprehensive view of their application's security posture.
  • Developers looking to enhance their secure coding skills and knowledge.

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