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Main Purpose

Connected Papers is a visual tool for academic research that helps researchers and applied scientists find and explore papers relevant to their field of work.

Key Features

  • Visual Overview: Provides a visual overview of a field of research, allowing users to see the most popular papers in the field and the dynamics between different areas of study.
  • Paper Connections: Generates a graph of papers with the strongest connections to the origin paper, helping users discover important prior and derivative works in their area of interest.
  • Prior and Derivative Works: Allows users to explore papers that are not included in the graph but are likely relevant to their topic of choice, including prior works (important seminal works) and derivative works (recent relevant works or surveys of the field).
  • Paper Details: Provides detailed information about selected papers, including the ability to open the link to the paper in a new window.
  • Graph Building: Allows users to build a new graph based on a selected paper, creating new research paths of influence.
  • Mobile Support: The tool is now supported on mobile browsers.

Use Case

  • Researchers and Applied Scientists: Connected Papers is designed to assist researchers and applied scientists in finding and exploring papers relevant to their field of work.
  • Field Exploration: Users can use the tool to get a visual overview of a field of research, ensuring they haven't missed any key papers and exploring relevant papers in a bi-directional manner.
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