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Main Purpose

Semantic Scholar is a research tool for scientific literature powered by artificial intelligence. Its main purpose is to support the research process by providing access to scholarly papers and using AI techniques to generate summaries and extract relevant information from the papers.

Key Features

  • One-sentence summaries of scientific literature
  • AI-powered Research Feeds that recommend the latest research based on user preferences
  • Semantic Reader, an augmented reader that provides in-line citation cards and skimming highlights to enhance scientific reading
  • Highlighting the most important and influential elements of a paper
  • Exploiting graph structures to identify hidden connections and links between research topics
  • Unique identifier called Semantic Scholar Corpus ID (S2CID) assigned to each paper

Use Case

  • Researchers and scholars looking for scientific literature in various fields
  • Users who want to stay up to date with the latest research in their areas of interest
  • Individuals who want to quickly understand the key points of a scientific paper

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