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Main Purpose is a website that offers genealogical research tools and services to help users explore their family history, build family trees, and make discoveries about their ancestors.

Key Features

  • Deep Nostalgia: A photo animation feature that brings old family photos to life by animating the faces of loved ones.
  • Family Tree Builder: An intuitive tool for creating and expanding family trees, with automatic matching technologies to find new information and connections.
  • Genealogical Search Tools: Access to a diverse collection of 81 million family trees and a database of 19.5 billion historical records for genealogical research.
  • My Photos: A section where users can upload and manage their family photos, including the ability to animate photos using Deep Nostalgia.

Use Case

  • Users who want to explore their family history and discover new relatives.
  • Individuals interested in building and expanding their family trees.
  • People looking to animate their old family photos and see their ancestors come to life.

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