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Main Purpose

Trellis Law is a state trial court case search and judge analytics platform.

Key Features

  • State Trial Court Case Search: Trellis Law allows users to search for cases in state trial courts.
  • Judge Analytics: Trellis Law provides analytics on judges, including information on their rulings, motion granting rates, and average time to trial or rulings on motions.
  • Robust Offerings: Trellis Law offers access to Massachusetts state court dockets and allows remote access for Social Law Library members. It also provides search capabilities in 40+ other jurisdictions.
  • Comprehensive Search: Users can search by parties, judges, keywords, and more in state court dockets.
  • Real-World Examples: Trellis Law allows users to access sample motions, search within filings, and pull specific complaints on various topics.

Use Case

  • Legal Research: Trellis Law is used by law firms and legal departments for legal research, including searching for cases, analyzing judges' rulings, and finding real-world examples for various legal matters.
  • Litigation Analytics: Trellis Law's judge analytics feature helps lawyers and legal professionals gain insights into judges' behavior, granting rates, and average time to trial or rulings on motions, which can inform case strategies and decision-making.

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