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Main Purpose

The LMSYS Org website serves as a platform for the Large Model Systems Organization. It focuses on the development of large models and systems that are open, accessible, and scalable.

Key Features

  • Large Models and Systems: LMSYS Org develops large models and systems that are open, accessible, and scalable.
  • Chatbot Arena: A chatbot impressing GPT-4 with 90% ChatGPT quality, available in different sizes.
  • FastChat: Scalable and gamified evaluation of LLMs (Large Language Models) via crowdsourcing and Elo rating systems.
  • LMSYS-Chat-1M: An open platform for training, serving, and evaluating LLM-based chatbots.
  • MT-Bench: A large-scale real-world LLM conversation dataset.
  • LongChat: A set of challenging, multi-turn, and open-ended questions for evaluating chatbots.

Use Case

  • AI Research: Researchers can utilize the LMSYS Org platform to develop and evaluate large language models and systems.
  • Chatbot Development: Developers can leverage the LMSYS-Chat-1M platform to train, serve, and evaluate LLM-based chatbots.
  • Evaluation and Benchmarking: The FastChat and LongChat features provide tools for evaluating and benchmarking chatbot performance.
Pricing Model:

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