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Main Purpose

The main purpose of is to provide an AI-powered research tool that helps researchers and students discover and understand research articles. It offers Smart Citations that contextualize articles in the wider scientific literature and indicate whether each article provides supporting or contrasting evidence.

Key Features

  • Smart Citations: uses machine learning to analyze research articles and provide Smart Citations that indicate whether the article has been supported, contrasted, or mentioned by other articles.
  • Contextualization: The Smart Citations feature helps users understand how the selected article relates to the wider field of study and discover other potential papers of interest.
  • Search Functionality: allows users to run searches using plain language queries without the need for Boolean operators. It also provides an advanced search function for more specific queries.
  • Browser Extension: offers a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that allows users to see Smart Citations while reading scientific articles online.
  • Extraction of Key Information: The Scite Assistant tool can automatically extract key information from research papers, such as research questions, methods, results, and conclusions.

Use Case

  • Research Discovery: is useful for researchers and students who want to discover relevant research articles and understand their context within the scientific literature.
  • Literature Review: The Smart Citations feature can assist in conducting literature reviews by providing insights into the supporting or contrasting evidence for specific articles.
  • Research Assessment: can be used to assess the impact and quality of research papers by analyzing the number of supporting or contrasting citations they have received.

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