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Main Purpose

Octavia is an AI assistant designed to provide cutting-edge support for crypto-related needs, including research and trading.

Key Features

  • Cloud Connected: Octavia has access to the internet and the blockchain, enabling her to conduct research, visit websites, and use search engines.
  • Securely Connected to Your Services: Octavia can recognize and authenticate users communicating with her through platforms like Discord or Telegram.
  • Inbuilt AI Memory: Octavia's working memory allows her to learn about users' preferences and provide personalized assistance over time.
  • Internet Access: Octavia can access the internet, conduct research, visit websites, and use search engines like Google.
  • Calculating: Octavia has an in-built calculator to ensure accurate outputs.
  • Memory: Octavia's working memory of interactions helps her improve and provide better assistance.
  • Blockchain Native: Octavia understands blockchain operations and can analyze and explain transaction hashes in simple terms.

Use Case

  • Research: Octavia can assist with conducting research on various crypto-related topics by accessing the internet and blockchain.
  • Trading: Octavia can provide insights and information for crypto trading, leveraging her knowledge and access to on-chain data.
  • Personalized Assistance: Octavia's AI memory allows her to learn about users' preferences and provide increasingly personalized support.

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