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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Gong Engage is to provide a sales engagement solution powered by AI and customer-centric features to help revenue teams create and accelerate pipeline.

Key Features

  • Centralized Workflows: Gong Engage offers built-in third-party integrations and a user-friendly experience for reps and managers to align, collaborate, and improve, eliminating the need for multiple tools throughout the sales process.
  • AI-driven Sales Guidance: Gong's proprietary AI models analyze billions of customer interactions to deliver AI-based sales guidance from the first touchpoint with a prospect to deal close, increasing productivity and accuracy.
  • Call Spotlight: Utilizing generative AI models, Gong Engage creates highly accurate briefs, key account highlights, and action items from sales conversations, providing clear visibility into deals and workflows.
  • Automated Call Outcomes and Email Response Classification: Gong Engage automatically categorizes prospecting calls and emails, increasing the accuracy and completeness of information entered into CRM.
  • Assisted Writing: Gong Engage helps reps personalize their outreach based on persona without having to manually rewrite entire messages, saving time and improving engagement.

Use Case

  • Revenue Teams: Gong Engage is designed to streamline sales engagement for revenue teams, providing AI-driven automation, guidance, and high-quality outreach to engage entire accounts, ultimately helping to grow revenue.
  • Safety Compliance Software Provider: SiteDocs, a safety compliance software provider, has been using Gong Engage to optimize prospecting and align revenue teams on centralized workflows, enabling them to allocate resources strategically and improve their business.
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