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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the website is to provide a cloud computing platform that specializes in GPU instances and serverless GPU computing. It aims to make cloud computing accessible and affordable for AI and machine learning applications.

Key Features

  • GPU Instances: offers container-based GPU instances that can be deployed quickly using public and private repositories.
  • Serverless GPU Computing: The platform provides pay-per-second serverless GPU computing, allowing for autoscaling and low cold-start times.
  • AI Endpoints: offers fully managed and scalable AI endpoints designed to handle various workloads.
  • CLI / GraphQL API: The platform provides a command-line interface (CLI) and GraphQL API to automate workflows and manage compute jobs effectively.
  • Integration and Connectivity: Users can access multiple points for coding, optimizing, and running AI/ML jobs, including SSH, TCP Ports, and HTTP Ports. The platform also supports integration with cloud storage for seamless data transfer.

Use Case

  • AI and Machine Learning Applications: is suitable for individuals and enterprises working on AI and machine learning projects, providing the necessary infrastructure and tools for GPU-based computing.

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