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Main Purpose

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud service that provides a comprehensive environment for creating, training, and deploying machine learning models. It aims to accelerate and manage the entire machine learning project lifecycle.

Key Features

  • Compatibility with open-source frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow
  • Advanced MLOps features for model deployment and management
  • Simple no-code model creation and deployment options
  • Collaborative features for team-based ML projects
  • Support for automated machine learning (AutoML)
  • Integration with Azure services for complete ML solutions
  • Security integrations with Azure Virtual Networks and Azure Key Vault
  • Multiple authoring experiences including notebooks, visualizations, and a designer
  • Enterprise-readiness with governance, security, and compliance features

Use Case

  • Implementing MLOps within organizations to bring ML models into production in a secure and auditable environment
  • Data scientists and ML engineers can accelerate and automate their workflows
  • Application developers can integrate ML models into applications or services
  • Platform developers can build advanced ML tooling using Azure Resource Manager APIs

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