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Main Purpose

The main purpose of SAS Model Manager is to provide a web-based application for registering, modifying, tracking, scoring, publishing, and reporting on analytical models.

Key Features

  • Model Storage and Organization: Store models within folders or projects for easy access and management.
  • Model Development and Validation: Develop and validate candidate models to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Champion Model Selection: Assess candidate models to select the best-performing champion model.
  • Model Publishing and Monitoring: Publish champion models and monitor their performance over time.
  • Model Scoring: Score new data using the deployed models to make predictions or generate insights.
  • Reporting and Visualization: Generate reports and visualizations to communicate model performance and results.

Use Case

  • Data-driven organizations that need to manage and deploy analytical models at scale.
  • Data scientists and analysts who develop and validate models for various applications.
  • Business users who need to access and utilize predictive models for decision-making.
  • Organizations that require a centralized platform for model storage, tracking, and reporting.
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