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Main Purpose

Qlik AutoML is a tool that provides automated machine learning capabilities for analytics teams.

Key Features

  • Code-free interface for creating machine learning experiments
  • Automatic analysis and preprocessing of datasets for machine learning
  • Multiple algorithms for searching patterns in data
  • Evaluation of generated machine learning models with scores and ranks
  • Deployment of the best-performing model for making predictions
  • Integration with Qlik Sense apps for sharing findings and exploring visualizations
  • Real-time predictions using Qlik Sense APIs

Use Case

  • Evaluating customer churn in a SaaS company
  • Predicting likely outcomes based on a predictive model
  • Understanding patterns and drivers affecting customer behavior
  • Identifying key drivers and patterns in data that are difficult to visualize or detect manually
  • Taking action on predictions to employ customer retention strategies and optimize business performance
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