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Main Purpose is a cloud computing, matchmaking, and aggregation service focused on lowering the price of compute-intensive workloads. It allows users to easily find and rent powerful machines at the best possible prices.

Key Features

  • On-demand or Interruptible instances: Users can choose between on-demand rentals for convenience and consistent pricing or save more with interruptible instances using spot auction-based pricing.
  • Security Level Selection: offers an array of providers with different levels of security, allowing users to find the best pricing for their desired level of security and reliability.
  • GUI and CLI: Users can utilize the command line interface to search the marketplace, apply scriptable filters and sort options, and launch instances quickly. Automation of deployment is also possible.
  • Real-time Bidding System: Users can save an additional 50% or more by using interruptible instances and auction pricing. The highest bidding instances run, while others are stopped.

Use Case

  • Compute-intensive workloads: is suitable for users who require powerful machines for tasks such as deep learning, data analysis, and other compute-intensive applications.
Pricing Model:

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