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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Evidently AI is to provide an open-source machine learning (ML) monitoring and observability platform.

Key Features

  • Evaluate, test, and monitor ML models from validation to production.
  • Build reports to get a comprehensive view of data and ML model quality for exploration and debugging.
  • Test pipelines before deployment, validate in production, and run checks at every model update.
  • Monitor every aspect of data, models, and test results to catch and resolve production model issues, ensure optimal performance, and continuously improve.
  • Understand, visualize, and track with over 100 metrics related to data quality, data drift, model performance, and LLM (Language Model Monitoring) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) models.

Use Case

  • Data scientists and ML engineers who need to evaluate, test, and monitor ML models throughout the ML lifecycle, from validation to production.
  • Organizations and businesses that rely on ML models and want to ensure data quality, detect data drift, track model performance, and monitor LLM and NLP models.
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