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Main Purpose

Simplified is an all-in-one app designed to simplify and streamline marketing team workflows. It aims to provide modern marketing teams with a user-friendly platform for collaboration, content creation, and marketing automation.

Key Features

  • Content Rewriter: Simplified offers a content rewriter tool that allows users to expand and rewrite copy in seconds. It provides new ideas and the ability to redo sentences, paragraphs, articles, blogs, social media posts, and more with a single click.
  • Design and Collaboration Platform: Simplified serves as a design and collaboration platform for modern marketing teams. It enables fast and on-brand content creation across multiple channels without the need for manual editing after uploading assets.
  • Marketing Automation: Simplified helps automate marketing tasks, saving time and effort for marketing teams. It offers features such as AI-powered content generation, social media scheduling, and analytics to streamline marketing processes.

Use Case

  • Content Creation and Expansion: Simplified's content rewriter tool is useful for marketers who need to expand and rewrite copy quickly, generating new ideas and improving existing content.
  • Design and Collaboration: Simplified's design and collaboration platform is beneficial for marketing teams who want to create and collaborate on content efficiently, ensuring brand consistency across channels.
  • Marketing Automation: Simplified's marketing automation features are valuable for marketing teams looking to automate repetitive tasks, such as content generation and social media scheduling, to improve productivity and efficiency.

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