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Main Purpose

The main purpose of SpeakFit.club is to help language learners improve their speaking skills through AI-powered conversational practice and feedback.

Key Features

  • Fresh Daily Topics: Engage with new and interesting conversation topics every day, providing opportunities for practice and small talk.
  • Two Types of Corrections: Receive feedback on basic errors and learn to rephrase your speech to sound more native using the advanced GPT4 model.
  • Practice in Chunks: Dedicated practice sessions with 3 questions, taking only 3-5 minutes each, allowing for efficient and time-saving practice.
  • Precise Voice Recognition: Speak confidently knowing that your speech will be accurately recognized by the system.
  • Advanced Phrases Practice: Embed and learn phrases by actively using them in your answers, promoting more natural and fluent speech.

Use Case

  • Language Learners: SpeakFit.club is tailored for intermediate and advanced language learners who want to improve their speaking skills and sound more convincing in their target language for career goals.
Pricing Model:

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