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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Vecteezy's reverse image search is to help users find similar images based on an uploaded image or URL.

Key Features

  • Reverse image search powered by artificial intelligence
  • Understands the context and content of the image
  • Provides a selection of similar, licensable images
  • Offers clean, safe, and inclusive content
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Provides resources across Brusheezy, Vecteezy, and Videezy
  • Offers additional features like AI Background Removal
  • Provides essential information and resources for users

Use Case

  • Finding similar images for creative projects
  • Discovering conceptually related images
  • Enhancing work and streamlining the search process for the perfect image
  • Expanding creative toolkit with vectors, photos, and video content
  • Accessing information about licensing agreements and the affiliate program
Pricing Model:

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