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Main Purpose is a conversational search engine and information discovery platform powered by artificial intelligence.

Key Features

  • Copilot: An AI partner for collaborative search
  • Perplexity Pro: Powered by GPT-4 & Claude 2
  • Instant Page Summaries: Provides quick summaries of articles or webpages
  • Quick Queries: Allows users to ask questions directly from the toolbar
  • Contextual Understanding: Provides answers relevant to the current page or domain
  • Shareable Insights: Enables easy sharing of discoveries with clickable links
  • Dynamic Conversations: Allows users to ask follow-up questions for deeper understanding

Use Case

  • Efficient and clutter-free web exploration
  • Instantly finding answers or summaries while browsing
  • Collaborative search with an AI partner
  • Personalized search results based on contextual understanding
  • Sharing discoveries with others
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