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Main Purpose is a mobile marketing and audience platform that enables marketers and mobile application developers to leverage AI-based tools for more efficient and precise mobile marketing and audience targeting.

Key Features

  • Mobile Distribution: offers access to diverse and premium demand across the globe, allowing marketers to tap into a wide range of campaigns and ad formats.
  • Data Insights: The platform provides full data insights, allowing marketers to understand and predict consumer behavior, identify new opportunities, and fuel business growth.
  • Mobile Monetization: offers monetization solutions for mobile publishers, helping them earn high eCPMs and maximize revenue through various account settings.
  • User Acquisition: helps advertisers target valuable web users through programmatic targeting, smart data, and creative options.

Use Case

  • Mobile Marketing: is ideal for marketers who want to enhance their mobile marketing strategies by leveraging AI-driven tools and accessing diverse demand across the globe.
  • Mobile Monetization: The platform is beneficial for mobile publishers who want to maximize their revenue through high eCPMs and various monetization solutions.

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