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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Ramp Intelligence is to provide AI-powered solutions to improve productivity and bottom lines for finance teams.

Key Features

  • Vendor Price Intelligence: Uses AI to extract pricing details from software contracts and benchmarks them against millions of Ramp transactions, providing visibility into software pricing.
  • Effortless Expense Reports and Audits: Automates expense reporting and auditing processes, reducing manual accounting errors and saving time.
  • Accounting Copilot: Provides a smart assistant that answers questions and takes action based on plain English user input, helping finance teams perform faster and deeper analyses.

Use Case

  • Finance Teams: Ramp Intelligence helps finance teams operate more efficiently by speeding up month-end closing processes, automating expense reports, and providing insights into business performance.
  • Businesses: Ramp Intelligence enables businesses to get the best price on software contracts, reduce manual accounting errors, and save time on expense reporting.
Pricing Model:

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