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Main Purpose

Reclaim AI is a smart scheduling app designed to help teams optimize their planning, defend more time for productivity, limit unnecessary meetings, and improve work-life balance.

Key Features

  • Smart Scheduling: Reclaim AI integrates with your team's project management app to automatically schedule and assign tasks to the calendar. It also offers Smart 1:1s, which intelligently auto-schedules one-on-one meetings, and Team Scheduling Links to find the best time for one-off meetings.
  • Productivity Enhancements: Reclaim AI includes features such as No-Meeting Days, Slack Status Sync, Buffer Time, and Working Hours settings to ensure effective communication and prevent interruptions when needed.

Use Case

  • Team Optimization: Reclaim AI is beneficial for teams looking to optimize their schedules, reduce unnecessary meetings, and improve work-life balance for team members.
  • Project Management: The integration with project management apps allows teams to streamline task scheduling and assignment, improving overall project management efficiency.
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