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Main Purpose

ORA AI is a cloud-based campaign optimization tool for digital marketers and e-commerce sites. It utilizes proprietary AI and Adaptive Machine Learning technology to automate PPC bidding on Google Ads, boost site traffic, maximize profitable conversions, and optimize campaign costs.

Key Features

  • Optimal Ad Campaign Strategy: ORA AI executes an optimal ad campaign strategy by seeking new conversion opportunities in real-time and redistributing the ad campaign budget accordingly.
  • Closing Underperforming Ad Groups: ORA AI has the capability to close ad groups that are perceived to be underperforming, eliminating undesirable campaign expenses.
  • Dynamic Adaptation: ORA AI's Machine Learning engine allows it to dynamically adapt to changing competitive environments, such as bid pricing and conversion rates, even for newly created ad campaigns.
  • Efficient Learning: The time required for the ORA AI algorithms to perform at optimal levels is significantly reduced, thanks to its efficient learning capabilities.

Use Case

  • Digital Marketing Campaign Optimization: ORA AI helps digital marketers optimize their ad campaigns by automating bidding, maximizing conversions, and reducing costs.
  • E-commerce Site Optimization: ORA AI is beneficial for e-commerce sites looking to boost site traffic, increase conversions, and optimize campaign profitability.
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