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Main Purpose

Typefully is a Twitter thread maker and analytics tool that helps users curate their Twitter presence.

Key Features

  • Write, schedule, and boost tweets with no need for extra apps.
  • Native support for multiple platforms, allowing users to publish their content everywhere.
  • Performance analytics to time each post for optimal engagement.
  • Writing prompts and personalized post ideas to overcome writer's block.
  • Collaboration features for writing and publishing with teammates.
  • Integration with Zapier for countless no-code workflows.

Use Case

  • Content creators and teams who want to curate their Twitter presence.
  • Users who want to schedule and automate their tweets for optimal reach.
  • Individuals who need inspiration and suggestions for their tweets.
  • Teams who want to collaborate on writing and publishing tweets together.
  • Users who want to integrate Typefully with other apps and software.
Pricing Model:

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