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Main Purpose

The main purpose of the Meta for Business website is to provide information and resources for businesses and advertisers to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in their advertising campaigns on the Facebook platform.

Key Features

  • Meta Advantage Suite: A portfolio of automation products that use AI and machine learning to optimize campaign results, personalize ads, and save time and money for advertisers.
  • AI Sandbox: A virtual playground for advertisers to experiment and develop AI-driven advertising strategies, allowing them to test various AI-powered features and unleash their creativity.
  • Performance Comparisons: An automatic report that allows advertisers to compare the performance of their manual sales campaigns to Advantage+ shopping campaigns, providing insights into the positive impact of automation.
  • Advantage+ Audience: A new Meta Advantage product that provides advertisers with an updated way to reach people and drive conversions, allowing for more flexible audience targeting.

Use Case

  • Advertisers can switch their manual campaigns to Advantage+ shopping campaigns in one click, taking advantage of AI quickly and easily.
  • Advertisers can use video creative in catalog ads, importing and using branded videos or customer demonstration videos to dynamically show the best video to people across various platforms.
  • Advertisers can compare the performance of their manual sales campaigns to Advantage+ shopping campaigns to understand the positive impact of automation.
  • Advertisers can improve performance with Advantage+ audience, using audience inputs as suggestions to guide ad targeting and allowing the ad system to find more interested and likely to convert people.
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