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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Motion is to increase productivity by automating and optimizing daily schedules, task management, and meeting scheduling.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Calendar: Motion provides a calendar that intelligently plans your day, schedules meetings, and builds the perfect to-do list.
  • Automatic Task Manager: Motion replaces traditional to-do lists with an automatic task manager that prioritizes and reschedules tasks based on your schedule.
  • Automatic Project Manager: Motion offers a tool that creates individual plans for your team to efficiently complete projects.
  • Meeting Scheduler: Motion helps you run your meetings smoothly by providing a meeting scheduling feature.

Use Case

  • Personal Productivity: Motion is designed to help individuals increase their productivity by automating schedule planning, task management, and meeting scheduling.
  • Team Collaboration: Motion's project management features make it suitable for teams to collaborate and efficiently complete projects.
  • Time Management: Motion helps users manage their time effectively by providing a calendar that optimizes schedules and prioritizes tasks.
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