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Main Purpose

Composer is an investment platform that allows average investors to trade using strategies used by professional investors.

Key Features

  • Access to automated portfolios with high returns and low variance.
  • Ability to test strategies with historical data.
  • Discover and follow different investment strategies called "symphonies".
  • Learn about investing strategies used by professional investors.
  • Create custom symphonies based on personal investment style.
  • Backtesting solutions to evaluate the historical performance of strategies.
  • Real-time portfolio metrics and insights.
  • Access to member-only Opus strategies.
  • Weekly market analysis and performance updates.
  • Premium customer support.

Use Case

  • Average investors who want to trade like professional investors.
  • Investors looking for automated portfolios with high returns and low variance.
  • Investors interested in testing and creating their own investment strategies.
  • Investors who want access to member-only strategies and market analysis.
Pricing Model:

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