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Main Purpose

Pi is a personal AI chatbot designed to provide emotional support, advice, and engage in conversations with users.

Key Features

  • Kind and supportive: Pi listens, empowers, and helps users process thoughts and feelings.
  • Curious and humble: Pi is eager to learn and adapt, providing feedback in natural language.
  • Creative and fun: Pi is playful, laughs easily, and makes surprising connections.
  • Knowledgeable, but succinct: Pi transforms browsing into a simple conversation.
  • All yours: Pi is on your team, supporting you and having your back.
  • In development: Pi is continuously improving, and information may not always be accurate.

Use Case

  • Emotional support: Pi acts as a neutral listener, offering advice and asking follow-up questions to help users feel heard.
  • Conversational companion: Pi engages in conversations about various topics, providing information and insights.
  • Decision-making partner: Pi helps users work through tricky decisions step by step.
  • Creative partner: Pi makes creative connections and offers playful interactions.
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