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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Missive is to provide a team email, chat, and task management platform, allowing teams to collaborate and communicate effectively in one app.

Key Features

  • Accountability: Missive helps teams stay organized by providing visibility into who is working on what.
  • Efficiency: The platform consolidates all communication channels, whether shared or private, into a single app, streamlining team collaboration.
  • Clarity: Missive offers a team-centric view, allowing users to see the whole picture and organize conversations by team.
  • Team Work: Missive enables collaboration around any kind of shared inbox, including email, SMS, webchat, and more.
  • Focus: With scoped conversations, Missive ensures that nothing gets missed or buried, helping teams stay focused on their tasks.

Use Case

  • Team Communication and Collaboration: Missive is designed for teams that need to manage shared inboxes, collaborate on emails, chat, share attachments, and assign tasks, all within one platform.
  • Project Management: Missive can be used by teams to organize conversations and tasks by project or department, providing a centralized hub for project management.

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