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Main Purpose

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of digital assets for creative projects. It aims to provide designers, crafters, and creators with high-quality fonts, graphics, templates, and more to enhance their creative work.

Key Features

  • Extensive Collection: Creative Fabrica offers a vast collection of digital assets, including fonts, graphics, illustrations, templates, and craft designs.
  • Subscription Options: Users can choose from different subscription plans to access unlimited downloads from the marketplace.
  • Commercial Use License: The assets available on Creative Fabrica come with a commercial use license, allowing users to incorporate them into their commercial projects.
  • New Releases and Daily Deals: The website regularly updates its collection with new releases and offers daily deals on selected assets.

Use Case

  • Designers and Crafters: Creative Fabrica is a valuable resource for designers and crafters who are looking for high-quality fonts, graphics, and templates to enhance their creative projects.
  • Commercial Projects: The marketplace provides assets with commercial use licenses, making it suitable for individuals and businesses working on commercial projects.
Pricing Model:

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