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Main Purpose is a platform that generates ad creatives with the goal of improving conversion rates and helping businesses sell more.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Premium iStock Assets: All plans include access to premium stock assets worth $899 per month.
  • Trained A.I.: utilizes a machine learning model that learns every day to provide up-to-date and conversion-focused creatives.
  • Better Conversions: Ad creatives designed with a data-driven approach can achieve up to 14x better conversion rates.
  • Super Scalable: is designed to match the ad creative/banner needs of businesses, whether they require 1 creative or 10,000 creatives per month.
  • Platform Integrations: can integrate with Google, Facebook, ADYOUNEED, and Zapier, allowing users to make the most of the platform's capabilities.
  • Created for Collaborations: Up to 25 users can be invited to, enabling them to generate creatives simultaneously under one main account.
  • Text Generator: offers a text generator feature that helps generate ad texts for campaigns.
  • See Insights: Users can analyze and evaluate the performance of different creatives on their ad accounts.
  • Whitelabel Ready: allows users to customize the logo and URL, making it a whitelabel solution.

Use Case

  • Businesses and advertisers looking to generate ad creatives that are optimized for conversion and designed with a data-driven approach.
Pricing Model:

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