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Main Purpose

Kagi FastGPT is a service provided by Kagi that utilizes powerful language models to answer user queries. It functions as a fast and enhanced version of ChatGPT, incorporating a full search engine underneath.

Key Features

  • Powerful Language Models: Kagi FastGPT employs powerful language models to provide accurate and comprehensive answers to user queries.
  • Full Search Engine: The service runs a full search engine underneath, allowing it to retrieve relevant information to enrich the answers.
  • Web Search (Currently Out of Service): Kagi FastGPT has a web search feature that can be enabled to perform web searches and provide additional information. However, as of now, this feature is out of service.
  • Cached Responses: Like other Kagi APIs, cached responses are available for free, allowing users to access previously retrieved information without incurring additional costs.

Use Case

  • Quick and Accurate Answers: Kagi FastGPT is suitable for users who need quick and accurate answers to their queries, leveraging the power of language models and the underlying search engine.
  • Enriched Answers with Web Search (when available): When the web search feature is enabled, Kagi FastGPT can provide enriched answers by incorporating information from web searches.
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