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Main Purpose

ChatDOC is an AI-powered chat platform that allows users to interact with PDF documents and receive instant answers with cited sources.

Key Features

  • AI Chat with PDF Documents: ChatDOC enables users to chat with AI and ask questions about PDF documents, research papers, books, and manuals.
  • Instant Answers: The platform provides quick and easy-to-understand responses to user queries, backed by citations and sources for fact-checking.
  • Page References and Footnotes: Users can click on page references and footnotes to check the accuracy of AI interpretation and dive deeper into the document.
  • Broad or Specific Queries: ChatDOC allows users to ask broad or specific questions, giving them control over the AI's responses.
  • Enhanced Responses with GPT-4: Users have the option to switch to GPT-4 for enhanced responses and interactions.

Use Case

  • Research and Study: ChatDOC is beneficial for researchers, students, and academics who need quick access to information and summaries from PDF documents.
  • Fact-Checking: The platform's cited sources and footnotes feature make it reliable for fact-checking and verifying information within PDF documents.

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