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Main Purpose is a document collaboration platform that aims to revolutionize the way teams create, collaborate, and share documents. It provides a centralized location for teams to work together, communicate effectively, and streamline their workflows.

Key Features

  • Smart Docs & Wikis: offers a powerful editor that helps teams create interactive living documents and wikis.
  • AI Writing Assistant:'s AI-powered writing assistant, called AI Genius, maximizes productivity and writing skills by providing customized templates, brainstorms, research assistance, and more.
  • Doc Tracking: Users can track their documents and wikis to learn about their audience's engagement levels.
  • Website Embed: allows users to embed their documents and wikis on nearly any website, making it easy to share and update them in real-time.
  • Client Portals: Users can create invite-only custom workspaces for virtual data rooms and client portals, enabling secure data sharing and effective collaboration.
  • Data Rooms: provides data rooms for industries that require secure data sharing and collaboration.

Use Case

  • Collaborative Document Creation: enables teams to work seamlessly in real-time, allowing multiple users and guests from around the world to collaborate on documents and wikis.
  • Knowledge Base Creation:'s wiki feature allows users to turn any document into a wiki by adding subpages, creating a content tree hierarchy for smarter navigation.
  • Content Sharing and Embedding: offers multiple sharing options, including shareable links, trackable links, and website embeds, making it easy to share work intelligently.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With AI Genius, helps users maximize their productivity and writing skills by providing AI-powered assistance for content creation.
  • Secure Data Sharing:'s client portals and data rooms enable industries to securely share and collaborate on sensitive data with permission controls.

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