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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Nimbus AI is to provide an online collaboration tool for businesses and teams, combining internal and external collaboration.

Key Features

  • Client Portals: Nimbus AI offers client portals as a dedicated space for clients to access deliverables and collaborate with the internal team.
  • Workspace: The platform provides an all-in-one digital work hub for the team to collaborate online, with features such as Kanban boards, comments, and a content editor.
  • AI Assistant: Nimbus AI incorporates an AI assistant that can answer questions, provide personalized responses, and generate AI-based content.

Use Case

  • Client Collaboration: Nimbus AI's client portals serve as a dedicated space for clients to access deliverables, collaborate with the internal team, and improve communication and collaboration.
  • Internal Team Collaboration: The workspace in Nimbus AI acts as a digital work hub for the team, facilitating collaboration through features like Kanban boards and comments.
  • AI-powered Content Generation: The AI assistant in Nimbus AI allows users to generate AI-based content, such as summaries or new content, to enhance productivity and efficiency.
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