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Main Purpose

The main purpose of is to provide an online platform for collaborative brainstorming and visual organization of ideas. It offers tools for creating and sharing mind maps, user journey maps, and other visual representations of information.

Key Features

  • Online Collaboration: enables multiple users to collaborate in real-time, allowing teams to work together remotely and share ideas seamlessly.
  • Mind Mapping: The website offers a mind mapping tool that allows users to visually organize their thoughts, ideas, and concepts in a hierarchical structure.
  • User Journey Mapping: provides a user journey mapping feature, which helps users understand and visualize the steps and interactions a user goes through while interacting with a product or service.
  • Flowchart Tool: The website includes a flowchart tool that allows users to create and visualize processes, workflows, and decision trees.

Use Case

  • Product Lifecycle Management: can be used to manage different stages of a product's lifecycle, facilitating team collaboration and brainstorming sessions.
  • Game Design: The website is useful for organizing and managing information in game design, allowing users to create tree diagrams and quickly locate and access relevant information.
  • Education: can be used in education settings to facilitate interactive and collaborative learning, allowing students to observe and participate in the analysis and problem-solving process.
  • Training: The website offers an efficient and comprehensive tool for conducting training, from needs assessment and course creation to online training and post-training evaluation.

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