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Main Purpose

Creately is a visual collaboration tool that allows users to create and collaborate on various types of diagrams and designs. It is known for its ease of use and real-time collaboration features.

Key Features

  • Real-time collaboration for multiple users to work on the same diagram simultaneously
  • 1-click create and connect feature for faster diagram creation
  • Export diagrams in various formats such as PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG
  • Color palette based on themes for easy styling
  • Professionally designed templates to get started quickly
  • Full revision history to track and revert changes
  • Inline comments for feedback and collaboration
  • Code generation for embedding diagrams on websites and blogs
  • Contextual toolbars to reduce clutter and speed up diagramming
  • Integration with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Visio import to migrate diagrams from Microsoft Visio

Use Case

  • Collaborative diagramming for teams working on projects
  • Creating flowcharts, UML diagrams, mind maps, organizational charts, wireframes, network diagrams, and more
  • Designing UI mockups, sitemaps, and concept diagrams
  • Creating business process models, Gantt charts, and SWOT analysis diagrams

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