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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Voice-Swap is to provide users with the ability to swap voices in audio recordings using AI technology.

Key Features

  • Voice-Swapping: Users can replace the original voice in their audio recordings with the voices of AI models provided by the platform.
  • Subscription Service: With a subscription, users can access the AI voices of session singers for use in their tracks and commercial projects.
  • Stem-Swap: The platform offers a "Stem-Swap" feature that allows users to replace the voice on their tracks with one of the featured artists' voices. Users can also download the stems of their tracks with the voice replaced.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Users can connect with artists on the platform for re-sings and other types of collaboration.
  • Licensing: Users can purchase a license to use the AI voices of featured artists in their tracks.
  • Content Screening: Voice-Swap screens all audio and text for hate speech and does not allow the generation of audio featuring inappropriate content.

Use Case

  • Music Production: Voice-Swap can be used by musicians and producers to find the perfect voice for their tracks, replace vocal samples, and fine-tune lyrics and melodies.
  • Songwriting: Users can use Voice-Swap to create demos with voices that sound more like the artists they are writing for.
  • Voice Transformation: The platform can be used to transform a male voice into a female voice or vice versa.
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