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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Remove Vocals is to provide a service that allows users to remove vocals from songs and create karaoke instrumentals.

Key Features

  • Vocal Removal: The website offers an AI-based vocal removal tool that can extract instrumentals from songs, effectively removing vocals.
  • Free Service: Users can utilize the vocal removal service for free, with a limit of 2 songs per day.
  • Easy to Use: The service does not require any software or registration, making it convenient for users to remove vocals from their desired songs.
  • AI Technology: Remove Vocals uses artificial intelligence and is based on the open-source library spleeter for vocal removal.
  • File Limitations: The service can only remove vocals from audio files up to a length of 10 minutes and 80MB to prevent server saturation.
  • Downloadable Instrumentals: Once the vocal removal process is complete, users can download the instrumental track by clicking on the download button.

Use Case

  • Karaoke Creation: Remove Vocals is ideal for individuals who want to create karaoke versions of songs by removing the vocals and keeping the instrumentals.
  • Music Production: Musicians and producers can use the service to extract instrumentals from songs for remixing or sampling purposes.
  • Singing Practice: Aspiring singers can utilize the vocal removal feature to practice singing along with the instrumentals of their favorite songs.
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