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Main Purpose

The website serves as a platform for VOCALOID, a singing voice synthesizer software product. It provides information, resources, and support for users interested in creating songs with synthesized vocals.

Key Features

  • Synthesize "singing" and "speech" by typing in lyrics and melody or script.
  • Use synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers.
  • Input melody and lyrics using a piano roll type interface.
  • Adjust stress, add effects like vibrato, and change dynamics and tone of the voice.
  • Offers various voice banks for different languages and vocal styles.
  • Supports music production software like Cubase.

Use Case

  • Professional musicians and producers looking to create songs with synthesized vocals.
  • Casual computer music users interested in exploring music production and vocal synthesis.
  • Japanese musical groups and record labels using VOCALOID for their songs.
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