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Main Purpose

The main purpose of Vocal Remover is to provide a service that allows users to remove vocals from any music track, creating instrumental versions of songs.

Key Features

  • Vocal Removal: Vocal Remover uses advanced technology to extract vocals from music tracks, leaving behind the instrumental parts.
  • Audio and Video Support: Users can upload both audio and video files to remove vocals from songs or videos.
  • Large File Support: Vocal Remover allows users to upload large files of 100MB or more for processing.
  • API Access: The website offers API access for users who want to integrate the vocal removal functionality into their own applications or services.

Use Case

  • Music Production: Vocal Remover is useful for music producers who want to create instrumental versions of songs for remixing or sampling purposes.
  • Karaoke: Karaoke enthusiasts can use Vocal Remover to remove the vocals from songs and create their own karaoke tracks.
  • Music Learning: Musicians can use the instrumental versions created by Vocal Remover to practice playing along with the song.
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