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Main Purpose

The main purpose of AI Chat is to provide a revolutionary chat experience powered by advanced deep learning models.

Key Features

  • Advanced deep learning models: AI Chat utilizes OpenAI Davinci-003 and Angel I models to provide seamless and personalized support.
  • Automatic reading and understanding of user messages: The AI Chat can generate appropriate responses based on user messages and the available knowledge base.
  • Easy addition of new knowledge: Users can create articles on specific topics to expand the AI Chat's knowledge base and improve its response capabilities.
  • Multilingual support: While currently available in English, there are plans to expand AI Chat's language capabilities in the future.

Use Case

  • Customer support: AI Chat can assist in responding to customer queries, providing information, and improving support processes.
  • Knowledge base expansion: Users can leverage AI Chat to generate responses to specific questions by creating articles on relevant topics.

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