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Main Purpose

The main purpose of StyleAI is to provide an AI-driven web building and SEO platform to help businesses create, optimize, and promote their websites.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Web Building: StyleAI's intelligent web builder, Levi, assists users in creating, editing, and optimizing their websites. It can find new images, add new sections, and improve the overall appearance of webpages.
  • SEO Optimization: StyleAI offers AI-powered SEO features, such as Seona, which helps extend a website's reach by applying automatic optimizations, generating unlimited blog posts, and providing real-time metrics.
  • Ad Campaigns: Astra, another feature of StyleAI, enables users to launch flawless Google ad campaigns using the power of artificial intelligence. It includes self-optimizing ad strategies, dedicated account managers, and performance reports.
  • Multi-Site Support: StyleAI provides dedicated support, multi-site management, and special discounts to agency partners, empowering them to manage multiple websites efficiently.

Use Case

  • Website Creation: StyleAI is ideal for businesses looking to build professional websites quickly and easily, utilizing AI-powered tools for design, optimization, and customization.
  • SEO Enhancement: StyleAI helps businesses improve their website's search engine optimization by applying AI-driven optimizations and generating relevant blog posts.
  • Google Ad Campaigns: StyleAI assists businesses in launching effective Google ad campaigns by leveraging artificial intelligence for ad strategy optimization and performance tracking.

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