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Main Purpose

Durable.co is an AI website builder that aims to make website creation fast, affordable, and frustration-free.

Key Features

  • AI Site Builder: Durable.co's AI generates tailored web copy, images, and complete websites in minutes. It creates optimized page titles, headlines, body text, and mobile-friendly webpage layouts.
  • Built-In SEO: Durable.co optimizes page titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, site structure, and uses semantic HTML elements for better SEO.
  • Media Library: Durable.co provides a media library of royalty-free stock photos tailored to your niche for professional visuals.
  • Blog: Durable.co has a built-in blog module that allows you to easily publish and optimize articles for SEO and engagement.
  • Lead Generation Tools: Durable.co offers lead gen features like custom forms, live chat, email marketing, and contact forms to capture more leads and connect with customers.
  • Ecommerce Functionality: Durable.co provides basic ecommerce capabilities, including product listings, cart and checkout, payment integration, and order management.
  • CRM & Marketing Automation: Durable.co includes a simple CRM and automation features for contact management, lead tracking, email marketing, landing pages, and sales funnels.
  • Page Builder: Durable.co's intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows easy customization of text, colors, fonts, and the addition of elements like buttons, videos, and images.
  • Mobile Optimization: Sites created by Durable.co work well on all devices and dynamically adapt for optimal mobile user experience.
  • Design Customization: While Durable.co handles the layout, you can customize the design elements to give your site a unique look aligned with your brand.
  • Navigation Menu: Durable.co generates an intuitive site-wide navigation menu that can be customized to fit your site structure.

Use Case

  • Small businesses and startups that need a website fast, have a tight budget, lack web design/coding skills, and value simplicity and ease of use.
Pricing Model:

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