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Main Purpose

Splash aims to bring the joy of music making to everyone by providing AI-powered music creation tools and platforms.

Key Features

  • Vast Sound Library: Splash offers access to a vast library of sound packs and beatmaker instruments for users to explore and create music.
  • App Integration: The Splash app allows users to dive deep into music making, providing access to the sound library and enabling users to share their creations on social media.
  • Splash Pro: Splash Pro is a feature that allows users to describe the song they want to hear and customize it to their exact needs, generating an original, royalty-free track that can be used in any project.
  • Splash Music on Alexa: Splash has partnered with Amazon to create the Splash Music Skill for Alexa-enabled devices, allowing users to make and share original songs using just their voice.
  • Beyond Royalty-Free: The music created with Splash Pro is completely royalty-free, giving users the freedom to use their creations however, wherever, and whenever they want.

Use Case

  • Music Creation: Splash is designed for anyone interested in music creation, from beginners to experienced musicians, providing tools and resources to explore and create music.
  • Content Creation: Splash Pro can be used by content creators, filmmakers, and video editors to generate original, royalty-free music tracks for their projects.
  • Voice-Activated Music Making: Splash Music on Alexa enables users to create and share original songs using just their voice, making it a fun and accessible tool for music enthusiasts.
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