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Main Purpose

LANDR is a music production software platform that provides various tools and services for creators in the music industry.

Key Features

  • Collaborative features for real-time feedback and collaboration with other creators.
  • Automated mastering service that analyzes and enhances audio tracks for a professional sound.
  • Music distribution service to release and monetize music on digital streaming platforms.
  • Music samples library with over one million samples from various third-party providers.
  • Rent-to-own VSTs and plug-ins for digital audio workstations (DAWs).
  • Online marketplace for musicians to buy and sell services.

Use Case

  • Musicians and producers looking to enhance the quality of their tracks through automated mastering.
  • Artists who want to distribute their music on popular streaming platforms.
  • Creators in need of a wide range of music samples for their projects.
  • Musicians who want to access and use VSTs and plug-ins for their DAWs.
  • Professionals and DIY creators who want to connect, collaborate, and buy/sell services in the music industry.
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