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Main Purpose is a music app designed for musicians, offering a range of AI-powered tools to enhance music practice, learning, and performance.

Key Features

  • AI Audio Separation: Easily separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, piano, strings, and other instruments in any song.
  • Smart Metronome: Instantly generate click tracks that are in sync with the beat of any song.
  • AI Lyric Transcription: Convert music into text effortlessly, supporting multiple languages.
  • AI Chord Detection: Play along with instantly synced guitar tabs and chords.
  • Audio Speed Changer: Adjust the speed of the music with one click.
  • Pitch Changer: Control and change the key of audio to meet your vocal range or instrument tuning.
  • AI Key Detection: Detect and change the song key, instantly transpose chords to all 12 keys.
  • Export: Extract and share high-quality audio mixes and separated stems, including the metronome.
  • Playlist: Organize music playlists for practice and live rehearsals.
  • Count in: Set the "count in" period that precedes the playback for rehearsals or personal practice.
  • Trim and loop music parts: Choose specific parts of the song for practicing.
  • Backing Tracks: Create acapella, drum, guitar, karaoke, and piano backing tracks.

Use Case

  • Musicians and music enthusiasts looking to practice, learn, and perform music.
  • Drummers, bassists, and guitarists who want to set the beat and groove.
  • Singers, acapella groups, and pianists who want to hit the right pitch and harmony.
  • Social media content creators who want to create tunes and ride trends.
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