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Main Purpose is an AI music generator that allows users to compose royalty-free music tailored for videos, podcasts, audio-books, and other creative projects.

Key Features

  • Genre/Style Selection: Users can choose from 8 different genres to match their content's theme.
  • Mood Customization: Users can make multiple cuts and select from 16 different moods to capture the essence of every scene or segment.
  • AI Composition: With a single click, Beatoven's AI composes a unique track tailored to the user's selections.
  • Streamlined Output: All music generated by Beatoven is production-ready, complete with industry-standard mixing and mastering.

Use Case

  • Agency/Production House: Create gripping explainer videos, set the pace in ads, and enhance video content.
  • YouTube Creators: Establish a signature sound for your channel, connect with audiences through outro sections, and add impact without worrying about licensing or editing.
  • Podcast Creators: Make intro sections special, announce sponsors in style, and end episodes with flair.
  • Indie Game Developers: Design themes for game levels, create background music for scenarios and characters, and craft music for menu screens.
  • Audiobooks: Elevate stories by creating atmosphere, dramatizing moments with ambient music, and eliminating abrupt breaks between chapters.
  • Web3 & Metaverse Companies: Produce background music for metaverse games, virtual work meeting spaces, lounges, and various VR experiences.
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